8/06 Indie Night with Sweep Echo, Birthday Boy. and At Best

8/06 Indie Night with Sweep Echo, Birthday Boy, and At Best
Date: 8/06
Time: 6:00 PM

Sweep Echo
Sweep Echo are a band from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Known for intimate performances and a wide range of live dynamics, they’re sure to make your evening a little bit spookier than usual. 
 Their debut EP, I’m Not Afraid of My Shadow, was released in February, 2019. In October of 2020, the band began recording new music with Matt Weber of A Great Big Pile of Leaves.
Birthday Boy
Having originated in the hardcore scene, this four piece masterfully harmonizes raw, heavy-hitting riffs with addictive hooks that command the attention of their audience.

At Best
At Best are a trio of metalheads gone indie. Formed in 2017 in South Jersey, the band features lead vocalist and guitarist Lennon Cantwell, bassist Alicia Dickerson, and drummer Mason Ingling. By combining their various musical backgrounds from past projects, At Best's sound ranges from 90's D.I.Y. nostalgia to heavy-yet-melodic shoegaze. They've been compared to the songwriting and lyrical styles of Elliott Smith, the ferociousness of The Smashing Pumpkins, and having a familiar driving force like the Foo Fighters. Formally known as Burned Out Still Glowing, the trio have toured around the States and play frequent shows in the Philadelphia area. They have played along acts such as In The Presence of Wolves, Old City Revival, Such Gold, Pointless, and Cappadonna (yes, really!).​ Over the past two years under the new name, they've gone forth with a mission to outperform themselves with every set through their high-energy live shows. At Best have painted their sonic canvas with raw emotion over driving instrumentals, striving to put the human element back into modern music.
Tickets Available for this Event:
Level 1 : 10.00