Woodfiring Ceramics: A Weekend Workshop
Woodfiring Ceramics: A Weekend Workshop


David Gamber leads an exploration of the many possibilities offered by the multi chambered noborigama kiln located at Appel Farm in Salem County, NJ. In the first chamber, students will study the effects of wood ash, flashing slips, and glazes on clay.In the second chamber, discover the many variations possible when adding salt. In the fire box, students will encounter results more akin to anagama kilns, with ash and cinder buildup on the raw clay. 

There will be open studio time to glaze work Friday, March 27th in Moorestown (Glazes and wadding will be provided). Participants should bring 20–30 bisqued pots or sculptural pieces rated to Cone 10.

Please arrive at 9:00am on Saturday to load the kiln.

Flashing slips and glazes will be available for use at Appel Farm Saturday morning.

Participants will be scheduled to work in teams to fire the kiln to temperature beginning Saturday evening or early Sunday. While MANDATORY shifts will likely be 4 hours, participants should plan to be available all day Sunday to ensure a successful firing. 

It is also MANDATORY to attend the unloading of the kiln is scheduled for April 2nd.

A list of possible wood fire clay bodies is available on request.


Instructor: David E.. Gamber
Members: $ 200.00; Non-Members $ 220.00
Location: Appel Farm, South Jersey Wood Fire Kiln at Appel Farm

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