Watercolor Still Life - Collingswood
Watercolor Still Life - Collingswood

This class is open to the beginner as well as those with some experience in watercolor. Working from the still life, the student will focus on material and their own, individual translation of the subject. Color mixing, drawing, various painting techniques and historical references will all be addressed in the course.

Instructor will supply materials for the first class and review with students to help them make choices before purchasing supplies. 

His standard watercolor materials list

• B, F or H pencil 

• Pencil Sharpener 

• Kneaded Eraser 

• 5-10 Sheets of watercolor paper. 140 lb. cold press Arches Aquarelle is readily available. It will be more affordable to purchase large sheets and cut them down to a size you feel comfortable working with. Alternately, you may purchase a pad. 

• Brushes: If you have brushes already, bring them. If not, bring # 3, 4, 6 rounds, a small flat and a 1” flat. Please make sure you purchase watercolor brushes. 

• A clean rag or paper towel roll. 

• One or two palettes with room for mixing. 

• Two water containers with lids. 

• Drawing board or masonite of appropriate size.

• Watercolors: If you have watercolors, bring what you have. Below is a suggested basic color selection. If you find a color or colors you want to try, please do. Buy tubes rather than pans. There is a large variety of brands. Windsor Newton, Daniel Smith and M. Graham & Co. are readily available. Cadmium Yellow - Lemon Yellow - Cadmium Red - Quinacridone Red - Ultramarine Blue - Cerulean Blue - Yellow Ochre - Raw Umber - Titanium or Chinese White - Hues not suggested.


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Wednesday 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM ( Apr 5, 2023 - Jun 7, 2023 )
Instructor: Keith Leitner
Members: $ 275.00; Non-Members $ 300.00
Location: Collingswood, CW Loft Studio

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