Soft Pastel and Oil Painting
Soft Pastel and Oil Painting

Learn the fundamentals and application of painting in soft pastel, gouache, and Direct Oil Painting method. Discover essential techniques while practicing painting from your photo references. Learn about different surfaces such as Vellum, Mylar, Oil paper, Panel, Canvas and Linen and Toned Papers, brands of soft pastel, gouache and oil paint. Historical Painters who worked in soft pastel and oil. You may make soft pastel paintings and oil paintings or choose to work with one medium over another.

Please note: This class take place in a studio that is not temperature controlled so it can be very hot during the summer months. 

Materials List

• Sennelier Soft pastel

• Nu Pastel

• Gouache

• Soft Vine charcoal

• 3 sheets of Ingres toned paper your chose in any color, except for white, 

• 1 sheet of Art Spectrum soft pastel paper. 

• Drawing board


• Masking tape(cream colored)

Wednesday 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM ( Jul 13, 2022 - Aug 17, 2022 )
Instructor: Emily Rose Hirtle
Members: $ 150.00; Non-Members $ 170.00
Location: Collingswood, Loft Studio

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