Pyrography: Wood Burning Essentials - Moorestown
Pyrography: Wood Burning Essentials - Moorestown

Pyrography is one of the oldest human art forms. Since the dawn of recorded history, this process has been practiced by several cultures, including the Chinese,  Egyptians, and some African tribes.

It was known in China from the time of the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 9 AD) and was known as "Fire Needle Embroidery." 

This class will keep your hands busy doing small craft projects with this ancient technique to gift a friend or to beautify your home. 

This class welcomes both beginners and intermediate hobbyists.

The beginner will learn to control the tool's temperature and hand movement to make different shadings, tones, and lines on the wood plate.

The intermediate hobbyists will focus on challenging themself with complex patterns and designs with different tool-tips, material control, and aesthetic concept to achieve a higher level of application.

Wood burning is a fun and safe hobby for people of all ages. With the in-person demonstration from the instructors, a wide variety of samples, and hands-on practice, participants with the "burning desires" of all skill levels will undoubtedly enjoy the creation process.


Supply List:

Student should purchase their own basic Pyrography tools , from Walmart, Michael’s, or Amazon (Amazon link here ). The teacher will provide the wood plates and other needed materials.


This class is offered as part of Perkins Folklife Center programming. Special pricing for these classes and workshops is made possible with support from NJ State Council on the Arts.

Perkins Center Guidelines and Policies.


Masking is optional while onsite at our facilities. Review our guidelines and policies for more information on COVID-19 and General Health Policies and Procedures.

Wednesday 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM ( Apr 12, 2023 - Jun 14, 2023 )
Instructor: Jenson Cheng
Members: $ 190.00; Non-Members $ 215.00
Location: Moorestown, MT Tree House Studio

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