Painting: Colors Matter - Collingswood
Painting: Colors Matter - Collingswood

This class will make it easy to know when to start an abstraction and when to stop working on it.

Our focus will be on color. When to use thin and thick, warm and cool, and dark and light. How to do color harmony. Kassem will share techniques used by the masters that will enhance your knowledge and use of colors. He will show slides in each class revealing techniques you can master.

Never have a muddy color again. 

Learn how to push and pull colors in space. How not to have a muddy color and how to master color harmony. Also, the most important thing to know is when to stop working on a painting. If it looks good halfway, you do not have to finish it. Rather have a good stopping point.

One-on-One critique and feedback will be going on throughout the classes. All levels welcome.


Material List:

·         Acrylic colors preferred but oil is ok if it is the only thing you have.

·         Black and white. Red, blue, yellow in addition to any other colors you have.

·         Acrylic Gel medium for fixing charcoal

·         Gloss and/or Matte medium for Acrylic. (For oil no fumes. Turpenoid only)

·         Brushes – various sizes, round and flat, up to 1 ½-inch depending on canvas size

·         Charcoal, Pencil and any other drawing materials like Acrylic markers if you have it

·         Rags for cleaning and applying colors too

·         3 to 5 canvases (stretched or unstretched) larger is better. You may start 20 to 30 inches or bigger. Paper is ok too

·         Palette, Palette knives, Jars or plastic containers for mixing and saving paints


·         A lot of Enthusiasm.

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Masking is optional while onsite at our facilities. Review our guidelines and policies for more information on COVID-19 and General Health Policies and Procedures.

Friday 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM ( Apr 7, 2023 - Jun 9, 2023 )
Instructor: Kassem Amoudi
Members: $ 275.00; Non-Members $ 300.00
Location: Collingswood, CW Classroom

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