ONLINE Drawing From Observation [Ages 14+]
ONLINE Drawing From Observation [Ages 14+]

How do we represent three dimensional objects on a two dimensional piece of paper? This class is intended to provide the aspiring artist with an introduction to the basic principles of drawing - the linear construction of simple "building block" forms, how to put them in one, two and three point perspective and how to render in light and shade. The class is meant to provide the student with a solid foundation in representational drawing that can be built upon as they progress and evolve through their individual artistic journey. Intermediate and advanced artists will also benefit from a review of these basic and important fundamentals. In the second part of this class, students will apply these concepts to drawing from real life objects and still life setups.


Materials (You the student will purchase):

- 18x24 drawing pad

- HB, B, 2B, 4B pencil

- kneaded eraser

- 10 or 12 inch CLEAR Plastic Drafting Triangle

Monday 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM ( Jul 13, 2020 - Aug 24, 2020 )
Instructor: James Boyle
Members: $ 85.00; Non-Members $ 100.00
Location: ,

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