ONLINE: Mosaic Shoe - 3D Project
ONLINE: Mosaic Shoe - 3D Project

This online class is for beginning and intermediate students.  Some experience using mosaic hand tools to cut and shape glass/ceramics is suggested but not required. Instructor will provide directions and guidance to student in the creation of a mosaic shoe. Class will be interactive between instructor, student, and other students. Student will need a computer or smartphone with video capabilities. Students will benefit in having a work area accessible during class to work along with instructor however this is not required. Class length may vary based upon student participation.

 Student will supply their own tools and materials.  Class will be combination of lecture/discussion and hands-on workshop. Topics covered will be preparation/creation of substrate (shoe) for use as base, suitable materials for use in project, design grouting and embellishment with additional materials.  


Tools and Materials* – to be supplied by student

For first class -

  • ·         A shoe to be used as a substrate (base) – examples – high heel, loafer, ballet slipper, sneaker or boot
  • ·         Stiffening agent for shoe - plaster of paris (dry mix), plaster wrap, thin set
  • ·         Small mixing bowl, sturdy stirring implement such as craft stick, paint brush, spoon

For future classes -

  • ·         Materials (tesserae) to decorate and embellish shoe – examples- colored glass, tile, stone, china, shell, glass beads, non-corrosive metal or other color-fast, durable non-flexible items.
  • ·         Sandpaper
  • ·         Tools capable of cutting and shaping chosen mosaic materials – examples – glass cutter, wheeled nippers, compound tile nippers, running pliers.
  • ·         Eye protection for use when cutting glass, tile or ceramic
  • ·         Recommended but not required– craft tweezers, dental tools, cotton swabs
  • ·         Suggested Consumables (to be discussed in first class; instructor will provide guidance to each student based upon selected project and selected materials) sponges, rags (old t shirt works great) sharpie, painters tape, latex or nitrile gloves
  • ·         Misc – container for mixing grout and sturdy spoon or spatula.  Suggested – measuring cups and spoons and single edge razor blades, pallet knife. 

*Instructor may provide specific recommendations for alternate items depending upon student-selected project.

If you have questions about the above materials, email Veronica Kairos at



Student will learn the process of creating a mosaic shoe using an actual shoe as a base. Appropriate material choices will be covered as well as design & construction techniques and embellishment techniques. Individual project guidance will be provided.

Week 1 - Individual project guidance; stiffening technique; review of suitable materials

Week 2 – Design and construction techniques; color and texture; individual project guidance

Week 3 - Grouting process and color selection; individual project guidance

Week 4 – Additional embellishments; individual project guidance

Saturday 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM ( Oct 24, 2020 - Nov 14, 2020 )
Instructor: Veronica Kairos
Members: $ 90.00; Non-Members $ 110.00
Location: Off Site, Online

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