Mixed Media Painting- Moorestown
Mixed Media Painting- Moorestown

All levels welcome

Advanced beginner to intermediate skills suggested


Course Description: 


Learn how to create an original mixed media painting series. In this course, we will use various drawing and painting techniques and a cut-and-paste collage mentality. Students will discover contemporary methods for layering various 2D materials and mediums to create an individual series of self-directed mixed media paintings. 


What Will You Learn in the course:

1. Techniques for working with found, collected and appropriated art materials

2. How to create a coherent mixed media painting series using a variety of 2D materials

3. How to layer, integrate and combine various drawing, painting and collage techniques 


Topics & Assignments:

Week 1: Introduction to mixed media/ artist inspiration 

Week 2: Gathering of found/appropriated materials//adhesion methods

Week 3: Priming canvas, prepping surface for working

Week 4: Finishing your base painting

Week 5: Visual planning strategies for collage//

Week 6: Collage, cut and paste techniques

Week 7: Hand working techniques for mixed media

Week 8: Collage and cut paste techniques 

Week 9: Integration and layering of various medias/materials, finishing touches

Week 10: Class feedback session on completed mixed media paintings


Materials List for Mixed Media Painting 


- Please feel free to bring any art materials from you have at home that you would like to use. Because this is a mixed media class, students will be able to apply various media and materials to their work- depending on what materials they have or collected. 

- In addition, students are expected to gather some materials to collage/create with – the more interesting your collection// collage materials the more thrilling your work can become!!

- Some examples of materials you may want to collect for use in our class: wrapping paper, photos, magazine or newspaper clippings, tiles, glass, fabric, any found materials, paper ephemera from the street, receipts, tickets, letters, etc. 

- Palette knives (at least 2)

- Reusable cups for painting/rinsing (yogurt cups, jars) SAVE YOUR RECYCLED ITEMS FOR THIS!

- Assorted acrylic paint brushes: flat, round, bristle, soft fine point, house painting (you want a variety of different tips/sized brushes)

- House paint brushes, 1 & 2 inches 

- Scissors and exacto knife

- Modgepodge glue, matte, at least 8 ounces 

- paint roller tray

- palette

- roll of blue painters’ tape

- paper towel

- Acrylic Paints containing the following colors: Titanium White, Mars Black, Cadmium Red Medium Hue, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green, Violet. 120ml tubes recommended

- Surface you are interested in created your mixed media painting series upon. You are welcome to create your mixed media painting series on the following materials: canvas, wooden board, an old door, an old window panel, etc. 

- Apron or smock 

- Pencils for drawing and sketching

- Sketchbook of your preference—can be a journal you are already using 

Optional materials:

- Feel free to experiment with this optional class materials.


Please view Perkins Center COVID-19 Guidelines for onsite visitation. 


Tuesday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM ( Jan 11, 2022 - Mar 15, 2022 )
Instructor: Danielle Corin Cartier
Members: $ 200.00; Non-Members $ 215.00
Location: Moorestown, Dance Studio

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