Mixed Media Painting - Collingswood
Mixed Media Painting - Collingswood

All levels welcome

Advanced beginner to intermediate skills suggested


Course Description: 

Learn how to create an original mixed media painting series. In this course, we will use various drawing and painting techniques and a cut-and-paste collage mentality. Students will discover contemporary methods for layering various 2D materials and mediums to create an individual series of self-directed mixed media paintings. 


What Will You Learn in the course:

1. Techniques for working with found, collected and appropriated art materials

2. How to create a coherent mixed media painting series using a variety of 2D materials

3. How to layer, integrate and combine various drawing, painting and collage techniques 


Topics & Assignments:

Week 1: Introduction to mixed media/ artist inspiration 

Week 2: Gathering of found/appropriated materials//adhesion methods

Week 3: Priming canvas, prepping surface for working

Week 4: Finishing your base painting

Week 5: Visual planning strategies for collage//

Week 6: Collage, cut and paste techniques

Week 7: Hand working techniques for mixed media

Week 8: Collage and cut paste techniques 

Week 9: Integration and layering of various medias/materials, finishing touches

Week 10: Class feedback session on completed mixed media paintings


Materials List for Mixed Media Painting 


- Please feel free to bring any art materials from you have at home that you would like to use. Because this is a mixed media class, students will be able to apply various media and materials to their work- depending on what materials they have or collected. 

- In addition, students are expected to gather some materials to collage/create with – the more interesting your collection// collage materials the more thrilling your work can become!!

- Some examples of materials you may want to collect for use in our class: wrapping paper, photos, magazine or newspaper clippings, tiles, glass, fabric, any found materials, paper ephemera from the street, receipts, tickets, letters, etc. 

- Palette knives (at least 2)

- Reusable cups for painting/rinsing (yogurt cups, jars) SAVE YOUR RECYCLED ITEMS FOR THIS!

- Assorted acrylic paint brushes: flat, round, bristle, soft fine point, house painting (you want a variety of different tips/sized brushes)

- House paint brushes, 1 & 2 inches 

- Scissors and exacto knife

- Modgepodge glue, matte, at least 8 ounces 

- paint roller tray

- palette

- roll of blue painters’ tape

- paper towel

- Acrylic Paints containing the following colors: Titanium White, Mars Black, Cadmium Red Medium Hue, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green, Violet. 120ml tubes recommended

- Surface you are interested in created your mixed media painting series upon. You are welcome to create your mixed media painting series on the following materials: canvas, wooden board, an old door, an old window panel, etc. 

- Apron or smock 

- Pencils for drawing and sketching

- Sketchbook of your preference—can be a journal you are already using 

Optional materials:

- Feel free to experiment with this optional class materials.


Perkins Center Guidelines and Policies.


Masking is optional while onsite at our facilities. Review our guidelines and policies for more information on COVID-19 and General Health Policies and Procedures.

Tuesday 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM ( Apr 4, 2023 - Jun 6, 2023 )
Instructor: Danielle Cartier
Members: $ 250.00; Non-Members $ 275.00
Location: Collingswood, CW Classroom

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