Collage: Art in Nature [Feb 13 - Mar 12] - Moorestown
Collage: Art in Nature [Feb 13 - Mar 12] - Moorestown

This class helps students to build their skills and create unique mixed media art through detailed studio instruction. Possible subject matter includes landscape, plant or animal. In this class, students will learn face mapping, photo enlarging, and creating prints by hand. Students will also discuss why using acrylic medium works best when collaging and using the flat acrylic underpainting technique.

Materials List:

1. Substrates - Hot Press illustration board cut to your size. Or 140 lb Hot press Arches WC paper...

* Or a substrate you enjoy using for collage. If you use a small canvas must be gessoed 2 coats. Large canvas can sag with collage. 

2. Golden or Liquidtex acrylic Liquid or Gell Gloss or Matte Medium to adhere Collage papers. (We will be using Acrylics so all materials work together)

3. Image / Subject you are passionate about... we can transfer onto your substrate with light pad or tracing method.

* Bring some ideas from you stash stash file.

4. Acrylics pro liquid paints preferred.

*Acrylic in tubes must be made to liquid with “Open thinner” and bit of water. Support products Golden and the Mediums.

Basic Colors Golden or Liquidtex types - Cad Yellow, Alizerin Crimson Crimson or Cad Red, Viridian (green), Ultramarine Blue, and Burnt Umber.

( add more if your favorites)

*Dollar store has a bag of 2 to 3 inch containers to hold mixed paints I will show the size ( not tiny) only if you mix tube paints. 

5. Small Fine water mister to spray. 

6. Brushes — for acrylics to underpainting color fields.

7. Collage Papers

audition a variety of all types- Gellie or monoprints, old letters handwritten, old magazines, magazines with cloth patterns...old time newspaper clippings - general ephemera. I been printing some papers in the colors for my floral still life. 

8. Drawing pencils —2H HB and 2B hard to medium.

• Kneadable eraser

• Metal corked backed ruler.

• Scissors to cut papers.

• Two water containers for the painting part

• White gesso if you like masking out areas.

• paper towels

Tip- If you use WC paper 140 you will need a gatorboard and what artist tape to mount the paper to work on. They are light boards and are good for wer projects.

Of course when you think of mixed media you may like to use permanent micro pens and more. Find your original groove.

So draw, paint, find papers, cut and medium them down and paper or glaze over as you like. Fun and Creative!


Thursday 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM ( Feb 13, 2020 - Mar 12, 2020 )
Instructor: Kathy Dallara
Members: $ 90.00; Non-Members $ 110.00
Location: Moorestown, Dance Studio

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