Beginner & Intermediate Watercolor
Beginner & Intermediate Watercolor

This class is for beginning/intermediate watercolor painters who want to learn some basic techniques and mindsets that relate to watercolor painting. Students will be exposed to various techniques such as layering, wet-on-wet, and dry brush. The subject matter will include landscape, still life, human form, and painting from photos. Weather permitting, some sessions will be spent outdoors doing "plein air" painting.

Materials List

- basic watercolor paint

- a few brushes

- pencil and eraser

- several small to medium size sheets of watercolor paper

- masking tape

- a board on which to tape your paper


Please view Perkins Center COVID-19 Guidelines for onsite visitation. 

Thursday 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM ( Sep 15, 2022 - Nov 17, 2022 )
Instructor: Tom Finley
Members: $ 225.00; Non-Members $ 245.00
Location: Moorestown, Dance Studio

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