Abstract Painting - Moorestown
Abstract Painting - Moorestown

You will explore composition, form and color theory. I will help you respond to your own style and interest, through painting in either oil or acrylic. This will give you a new understanding of art. You will critique your own work and grow in awareness of your strengths. The result will be worth it.


Supply list:

Assorted brushes

Stretched canvas (any size that you feel comfortable expressing abstractly onto)

Acrylic or oil paint

- Titanium white, cadmium red, crimson red, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, burnt umber, burnt sienna, viridian green, aqua green, Prussian blue, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, mars black

Linseed oil [if using oil paints]

Acrylic medium jar [if using acrylic paints]

- Gloss or matte        

Odorless turpentine + jar

Palettes and palette knives

Paper towels or rags

Extra plastic cups or jars

*Instructor recommends shopping at Michael’s!


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Tuesday 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM ( Apr 4, 2023 - Jun 6, 2023 )
Instructor: Henri Meillier
Members: $ 250.00; Non-Members $ 275.00
Location: Moorestown, MT Paint/Dance Studio

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